Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of rental electric cars provided by BrainBox operating in Greece and in all other areas where these terms and conditions can be legally enforced.


eCarSharing is a service operated and managed by BrainBox. The service allows access to rented electric cars with automatic service. The network consists of designated parking areas, which include e-cars for rental.


The contact details of BrainBox are:



Thermaikou 2-4, Thessaloniki, 55133

Support Line:

+30 210 3004441






The service is operated exclusively by using a "smart" mobile phone and via the BrainBox eCarSharing application.

The service is only allowed for persons over the age of 18, who own a driving licence, and they do not have any medical instruction contrary to the use of a car.

The opening hours of the eCarSharing service (ie the time when you can use the service) are 09.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m. Monday to Sunday.


The service can be accessed either by city residents or guests by using their debit or credit card that they sign when they are registered.

The cost of the service includes a fixed commitment cost and a progressive charge during the rental which is determined as follows:


Minimum charge


Charge for every next 10 minutes


Occasional users:

Minimum charge


Charge for every next 10 minutes


In order to become a subscriber at the BrainBox eCarSharing System, you must purchase either the Monthly Subscription (valid for 30 days) which is 20,00€ or the Yearly Subscription (valid for 365 days) which is 180,00€. The subscription fees are not considered as credits to the customer’s wallet.

The fixed commitment cost when unlocking an electric vehicle amounts to 300€. The commitment cost is returned to the customer after the successful check from our technical team or automatically after 4 hours.

If the customer completes his rental out of the BrainBox parking spot that BrainBox has set, he will be charged with 10-20€.

The 3 designated zones that exist and the zone charges, appear in the application with different colors. These are the following:


Green Color: Complete rental at the allowed Parking Zone (No extra cost)

Orange Color: Complete rental at the area of the city (Extra cost of 10 €)

Red Color: Complete rental outside the area of the city (Extra cost of 20 €)

There is also the option to book an electric car for 30 minutes before renting without any extra charge.

  1. Obligations of BrainBox
    1. BrainBox is committed to provide the services in accordance with the terms set forth herein.
    2. BrainBox is committed to make the best efforts to ensure the durability and quality of the CarSharing service
    3. BrainBox bears no responsibility:
  • in case of misuse of the proposed services by the customer
  • in the event of non-compliance by the customer with its obligations as outlined herein
  • if the service is used by an unauthorized person (especially in case of theft or credit card loss)
  • in case of breakdowns, saturation, malfunctions or suspension of the system due to disruption of communications on mobile networks, public telephones, GSM, GPRS, or any new generation of networks developed by the mobile operator
  • in case of force majeure
  1. Obligations of the customer
    1. The customer is committed to use the electric car with increased attention. It is committed to complying with road safety and traffic rules.
    2. The customer is also bound to use the car within the city with respect to these terms.
    3. The customer takes care of the car he has rented, is required to protect it in order to avoid its theft and is committed to use the locking system when he stops using it.
    4. The customer is committed to the proper use of the car and its protection. The customer assumes full responsibility for any damages caused to the car or others during its rental.
    5. The customer undertakes to return the car at any time if there is a misuse of the system\'s terms of use at BrainBox initial request by telephone or mail/courier.
    6. Informing should be done immediately within the next 2 hours following the incident, at the following telephone number (+30) 210 3004441 or send an email at support@brainbox.gr. However, until the pickup from of BrainBox, the car remains under the responsibility of the customer.

The customer is authorized to use the electric car in accordance with these terms insofar as it makes a reasonable use, which excludes in particular: any use outside a pre-defined area, any use contrary to the provisions of the traffic code or safety rules, any use in soils or natural conditions for destroying the car or any use that could endanger the customer or third party.

  • The customer is the only person responsible for the disaster caused by the car or the use made during the whole cycle of the rental, including that which exceeds the period of pre-determined use in the event of inappropriate return of the car by the customer.
  • Any delay in delivery of the car longer than 24 hours (the time limit is calculated from the time of the car rental) is considered to be a case of disappearance of the car.
  • In the case of the disappearance of the car for which he is responsible, the customer has the obligation to indicate the disappearance of the car remaining under his sole responsibility.
  • In the event of an accident and / or damage, and / or disaster and / or any incident occurring due to the car, the customer has the obligation to report the events within the specified time limits and the above telephone number or email. Nevertheless, the car remains under the responsibility of the customer until it is locked at a parking spot.
  • The customer is committed to promptly alert BrainBox to all changes to his / her details such as address, information related to his credit card billing account, pricing profile etc.
  • The customer can’t turn against BrainBox for any case that needs to be suspended, interrupted, or malfunctioning.

  • BrainBox reserves the right to refuse access to the service to anyone who does not satisfy these terms without providing any other justification.
  • Excluded entirely the responsibility of BrainBox associated with the use that could be made by the customer on a car, or to disasters that could cause the client to himself or to others due to the use of a car.

BrainBox is committed to comply with the rules on the confidentiality, management and storage of personal and confidential data. According to the same law the customer has the right to access and correct the information concerning him / her, by writing to the following address: BrainBox, Thermaikou 2-4, Thessaloniki, 55133, marked "BrainBox eCarSharing".


The customer may make a complaint within three months from the date of the events he or she complained of. These terms are subject to Greek law. Any relevant disagreement on the execution, operation and interpretation of the terms of court settlement in the courts of Thessaloniki.

Any complaint will be sent to the following address: BrainBox, Thermaikou 2-4, Thessaloniki, 55133, with the entry "Complaint for the BrainBox eCarSharing System".